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Bridesmaids &


Groomsmen Package

This package is an innovative way to celebrate among friends and family. You can choose from our most popular to traditional themes, any choice will be a surprise to your wedding guests. The process is very fun and engaging. Prices will vary on how many people are participating, please see the further break down below:

- 4 hour lesson (minimum 3 hours)

- learn a basic full themed routine

-learn to perfect routine & receive performance tips

- taught in your home or in a studio*

- receive a bottle of bubbly & behind the scenes footage

Option 1:  5 people 
Option 2:  5-8 people 
Option 3:  8-12 people 
Option 4:  12-16 people 

Any additional lessons will be £30ph, after payment for this package as been received.

If you have any queries or would like to book your sessions, please Contact Us.

* You will be required to hire your own studio, but we are more than happy to assist in finding studios in your area. All total prices will vary according to Fare Zones and are non-refundable. Terms & Conditions apply, see here for details.

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